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Montarev was founded by two best friends who grew up together chasing life’s thrills throughout the great state of Montana.

Alex Winchell and Wyatt Snell spent their years growing up in agriculture fields, automotive restoration shops, and washing dishes in bar kitchens. Having both worked blue-collar jobs, they quickly learned the definition of hard work. 

It was during this time they realized that those they worked for or spent time around were masters in their craft. They had an innate ability to create art, products, or offer services. But, generally they needed some help showing the world what they were capable of. 

This drove Wyatt and Alex to lean in on the digital technology and social media that they were familiar with to begin promoting these small businesses. Over the course of the last decade, the two have honed their skills in marketing, small business development, website development, and content creation. 

When you or your organization work with Montarev, you are no longer just a number, a customer, or even a client. You become our partner, and together we can craft your vision. 

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Montarev stands at the crossroads of passion for the automotive industry and mastery of digital innovation and storytelling. Alex and Wyatt both grew up wrenching on their own cars and pursuing adventure across all mediums. They also became experts behind a computer and a camera. Together, with their team, they utilize these skills and tools to share the compelling stories that their partners have to tell. Montarev isn’t just another ad agency. It’s a vision-building company. 

With a deep understanding of the automotive and blue-collar industries, the Montarev team is expertly equipped to help solve your business’s problems. 


Montarev specializes in crafting tailored web solutions and dynamic marketing strategies primarily for automotive companies and related industries. From local repair shops to industry giants, our partner roster showcases our commitment to excellence. We’ve shared a few of these partners below.

Dive in to discover how Montarev’s unique blend of expertise and passion can drive your brand to the forefront of your customers’ minds.